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kingsmoor building

The Gateway
To Vaughan’s

177 Whitmore Rd.

A new vertical neighbourhood is coming to Vaughan’s Weston 7 community. Learn how Kingsmoor was carefully and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and demands of an emerging metropolitan area.

KINGSMOOR serves as a gateway to Vaughan’s new downtown. Located just moments away from the VAUGHAN METROPOLITAN CENTRE (‘VMC’), Kingsmoor will set the tone for development along the Highway 7 corridor and create a modern urban neighborhood in Vaughan.

weston 7 community
weston 7 community

The Weston 7

Kingsmoor presents a unique opportunity for people to become part of Vaughan’s emerging downtown development with all of the luxury associated with urban living. With thoughtfully curated amenities to complement the development, Kingsmoor will contribute to the evolving urban condition along Highway 7 and support the transit-oriented Ansley Grove BRT station that connects directly to the SmartVMC Bus Terminal and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Subway Station.


Explore some of the 4 key considerations incorporated into the design of Kingsmoor.

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Kingsmoor will become an attractive destination in Vaughan where residents and visitors will be able to enjoy a modern urban experience complemented with a series of curated retail uses and welcoming open spaces.

Kingsmoor is a community that is shaped by the existing fabric of Vaughan culturally enriched with a unique identity and strong refined values. Our development provides an opportunity to re-envision the meaning of “place” within Vaughan, and a project will become a model for future development in the greater Toronto Area (‘GTA’).


Kingsmoor is a vertical community in the sense that all of its levels were conceived and designed to optimize the way its residents live, work, and play. From the suites to ground-level art installations, to promenades and common spaces that optimize movement.



Active Public Realm + Targeted Retail
Curated Amenities

1 Connectivity

Enhanced linkages to surrounding key destinations through wayfinding and proximity to existing or proposed transit services. Connection to existing networks allows for a flow of movement, which brings people to places of opportunity.

2 Permeability

Strategic connections to and from the site allow for greater circulation and walkability. Permeable design pierces the urban fabric to invite residents and visitors to experience the range of programming offered throughout the site while promoting ease of movement, enhanced views, and integration into the overall community.

3 Active Public Realm + Targeted Retail

Publicly owned spaces animate the street through retail frontage while acting as a key destination for pedestrians. A well-designed public realm is accessible by everyone and reinforces the unique community identity formed by active uses at the ground level while serving as the heart of development through streetscape design.

4 Curated Amenities

Recreational activities provided throughout the site cater to the various needs of residents. Curated amenities contribute to a richer experience and allow the site to act as a community hub.

5 Placemaking

Quality public spaces are strategically designed to promote community identity. These human-scaled spaces are fabricated according to residents’ lifestyle needs and capitalize on a local community’s assets to achieve public health, happiness, and overall wellness.

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